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Night Nurse 

HK$320 per hour (single baby)

HK$400 per hour (twins)


Services Include:

  • Providing expertise and respite during the post-recovery period

  • Breastfeeding and lactation support

  • Night-time formula feeding and advice

  • Easing the transition of living with a newborn in the home

  • Parental baby-care education, including soothing & settling techniques

  • Establishing routines

  • Teaching the formation of good sleep associations

  • Offering support to mothers dealing with postnatal depression

Travel costs may apply

Day Consultations 

HK$1,000 per hour


Services Include:

  • Breastfeeding and lactation support

  • Baby-care education

  • Sleep & routines



Sleep Training 7-10+ nights

$340 per hour


Services Include:

After an initial consultation covering the different methods of sleep training, a plan will be devised based on your preferences and the temperament of your baby.


Reminder:  There is no right or wrong method of sleep training, and what works well for some babies does not work well for others; it all rests on your unique parenting style, the technique that you feel most comfortable with, and which method would best suit your baby as an individual. 



Helper Training

HK$800 per hour


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