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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Maternity Nurse?

A Maternity Nurse is an experienced and qualified professional who provides essential support, advice, and respite to new parents following the birth of their baby.

Their role empowers parent's confidence in caring for their new bundle of joy, whilst allowing the mother time to rest and recover from the birth.

Why should I hire a Maternity Nurse?

The benefits of hiring a Maternity Nurse are well proven and invaluable.  Every family has their own reasons ... be it due to missing that extra hands-on-help from family; having multiples;  requiring help with postnatal depression, or even just wanting to maintain the one-on-one time spent together as a couple.  Whatever the reason, the extra support can make all the difference in those early weeks.

New parents are often overwhelmed by the enormity of having their first baby, and being born without an instruction manual doesn't make it any easier!  Second, and even fourth time parents struggling with similar fears.

Hiring a Maternity Nurse to perform the sleep depriving tasks required to care for a baby overnight, will ease the exhaustion that occurs on becoming new parents, and allows your baby the benefit of learning good sleep habits, while you become well-rested and confident parents.

What are the duties of a Maternity Nurse?

  • ​Provides essential advice on feeding, bathing, sleeping, equipment, and establishing routines.

  • Educates parents on suitable settling and soothing techniques.

  • Breastfeeding support and encouragement.

  • Cleaning and sterilising all feeding equipment.

  • Assisting with night time breastfeeds, and pumping.

  • Breast massage, if necessary to maintain a good supply.

  • If baby is bottle fed, performing all night feeds.

  • Resettling baby after feeds to allow the mother time to rest.

  • Supporting the new mother through times of stress, illness, and postnatal depression.

  • Assist in integrating the new baby into a family where siblings are present.

When is the best time to book your services?

Due to the demand of my services, it is best to book early to ensure I will be available for the period you are needing help.

How long should I book you for?

This depends entirely on your situation, and how long you feel you would need support. Most families opt for 12 weeks which ensures a good start to breastfeeding and the setting of a structured routine, especially in the case of first time parents.  There are families however, who choose a shorter period of care, and indeed those who book for longer than 12 weeks.

What are your working hours?

Family dynamics and routines differ from one household to the next, so I always strive to remain flexible as far as timings and nights worked are concerned.  Most families prefer a 9/10pm start which allows for time together as a family unit at the end of the day before my arrival.  It is also often usual that I would finish around 6/7am, once the family is ready to embark on the new day.  Start and finish times can be adjusted to suit that of baby's routine and household preferences, and typically range from 4-5 nights a week.

Do you meet with prospective families before committing to provide postnatal support?

Absolutely.  It is vitally important that we meet prior to the birth of your baby, and interviews can be conducted in the comfort of your home, or other location best suited to you.  This will give you the opportunity to ask any additional questions not covered here, and establish a parent/nurse bond prior to baby's arrival.  It is also a good time for you to ask advice about the preparations needed in the run up to the birth, thereby setting to rest any fears or concerns you may have.

I am planning to breastfeed, but what if it doesn't go to plan?

You don't have to look too far to be reminded of the fact that breast milk is best for babies, however sometimes breastfeeding may not be possible, or even preferred - this by no means makes you less of an awesome mother!

This is "your" experience, and I will always remain respectful and supportive of whatever method of feeding you choose.

I've just found out I'm having twins, how will I cope?

Be it a single baby, twins, or more, the first few weeks are no doubt a challenge - even to the most prepared and experienced parent.  My focus when working with new families, is to ensure the health and mental well-being of mum, part of which is educating and supporting her to adopt a calm approach to coping with the new challenges, however huge these may seem. Your frame of mind, your health, and your ability to cope is of utmost importance, and I believe in placing a lot of emphasis on ensuring stability and confidence. It is quite simple then to say ... "Without mum, no family exists."  You matter. Greatly!

Are you able to help me bath baby?

Yes.  My services include education on all areas of baby care, and I would be quite happy to bath baby until you feel confident enough to take on this task yourself.  Should you be planning to have your helper assist with baby care tasks in the future, I do provide 'helper training'.

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