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Maternity Nurses - Everything you need to know

What is a Maternity Nurse?

A Maternity Nurse is an experienced and qualified professional who provides essential support, advice, and respite to new parents following the birth of their baby.​Their role empowers parent's confidence in caring for their new bundle of joy, whilst allowing the mother time to rest and recover from the birth.

Why should I hire a Maternity Nurse?

The benefits of hiring a Maternity Nurse are well proven and invaluable. Every family has their own reasons ... be it due to missing that extra hands-on-help from family; having multiples; requiring help with postnatal depression, or even just wanting to maintain the one-on-one time spent together as a couple. Whatever the reason, the extra support can make all the difference in those early weeks.​New parents are often overwhelmed by the enormity of having their first baby, and being born without an instruction manual doesn't make it any easier! Second, and even fourth time parents struggling with similar fears.​Hiring a Maternity Nurse to perform the sleep depriving tasks required to care for a baby overnight, will ease the exhaustion that occurs on becoming new parents, and allows your baby the benefit of learning good sleep habits, while you become well-rested and confident parents.

What are the duties of a Maternity Nurse?

  • ​Provides essential advice on feeding, bathing, sleeping, equipment, and establishing routines.

  • Educates parents on suitable settling and soothing techniques.

  • Breastfeeding support and encouragement.

  • Cleaning and sterilising all feeding equipment.

  • Assisting with night time breastfeeds, and pumping.

  • Breast massage, if necessary to maintain a good supply.

  • If baby is bottle fed, performing all night feeds.

  • Resettling baby after feeds to allow the mother time to rest.

  • Supporting the new mother through times of stress, illness, and postnatal depression.

  • Assist in integrating the new baby into a family where siblings are present.

What are some of the challenges new mums face when hiring a maternity nurse?

To be honest, the biggest challenge a mum faces when hiring a maternity nurse is letting them go after she has tried the service! Aside from getting very attached to the service as they get used to that expert support, peace of mind and enjoying the sleep that comes with having a professional caring for your child, the nurses become members of their family and of course it is a transition for everyone when they eventually move on. - Lily Kanadalft

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