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Sleeping baby


Professional Maternity Nurse in Hong Kong offering help with breastfeeding, lactation, healthy sleep routines, and all aspects of baby care.

"Don't let sleep deprivation get in the way of being the best parent you wish to be."

“Louise's presence and expert care of our daughter has helped me be a much more sane mother to both my daughter and toddler son. The extra hours of sleep afforded from not having to settle nor worry about the baby make all the difference!   

We chose her over three others because we felt her personality and philosophy would fit the best with our family. Luckily we were right and Louise has been a wonderful addition to our home! "


“We liked Louise immediately from the interview and immediately felt comfortable to discuss freely with Louise. During her time with us, she was always punctual, pleasant and proper. She has a very good feel of when to help and when to be discreet. I had a number of issues with breastfeeding which Louise immediately tackled and resolved. Her professionalism and knowledge was indispensable in giving advice and solving problems with breast feeding. ”


“We found Louise to be experienced, flexible, committed, caring, supportive and invaluable during this special yet exceptionally challenging time. Louise seamlessly fitted in with our family routine and was completely committed to us working well over the hours and days initially agreed. In addition, Louise made herself available on numerous occasions prior to discuss concerns, provide ideas and reassurance. ”




Having used 2 other night nannies in the preceding 6 months, and having been reasonably happy with their services, Louise immediately set the bar a lot higher - she approached the job extremely professionally and with a great degree of calmness. Sleep-training is by no means an easy task and I was dreading it. Louise however, set me immediately at ease and was able to leverage her years of training to devise the right approach for our daughter. She gave many good tips for changing our daughter's routine during the day to enable more successful sleep patterns at night and also successfully weaned our daughter off night feeding in less than 7 nights.  In addition to having been very good with our daughter's sleep training, she is also a delight to have in the house - very non-intrusive and a great demeanour! 
I cannot recommend Louise's services more for any infant care. I trusted her very much to not only care for my daughter but also ensure that the right routine was being established to enable good sleeping patterns. I certainly will be reaching out to Louise for any other child I may have. She is absolutely brilliant."


"Our daughter was one week old when Louise started, and we were immediately comfortable with her as she is very easy-going and willing to adapt to the family schedule and practices. She is also happy to suggest changes based on the latest research on infant care. 
Louise was very helpful without being intrusive. She performed late-night and early morning feeds, allowing us to get some much-needed sleep in the first few weeks. She also gave us many good tips and acted as a refresher for us as we had not had an antenatal class since our first child was born. 

We would recommend Louise's services for infant care without hesitation."


“I feel lucky to have had such an excellent resource in my own home every night. If I ever need this kind of help again, Louise will be my first phone call.”


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